If you want to do Big Business as a Financial /Insurance Advisor and NRI is your strategy then you need to Become International Advisor



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Starting from: 2nd october to 6th october ( Monday to Friday )

Like your Indian customer need Diversification in their portfolio & you became a financial advisor – you tied up with mutual fund companies, multiple health insurance companies & multiple life insurance companies, Now is the time to become an International Advisor to help your NRI client for Dollar based Insurance & Investment product.

Most Advisors  Are Facing Three Big Problems When

It Comes to Maintaining NRI Client

Which One is Keeping You Stuck?

NRI Clients Don’t want to invest in India

because Rupee is depreciating every year and their need is in Dollor based Insurance and Investment plan.

NRI customer are approached by

many Financial Advisor, competition is too much

NRI customer are difficult to handle

because their bank account is in foreign bank and foreign bank gives more Investment & Insurance options to NRI Client.


Starting from: 2nd october to 6th october ( Monday to Friday )

How you will become International Advisor in 5 Days

Day 1 -

Big Business Opportunity with NRI Clients & Detail information about Dubai based biggest Insurance Broking firm

Day 3 -

Tax & Legal Doubts Clearance on Foreign Investment & Insurance Product & earnings from this tie up

Day 2 –

Detail information about Investment & Insurance Products from Foreign Insurance Companies & commission/earning out of those products

Day 5 -

Secret to become successful as an International Advisor

Day 4 -

Meeting with Top Successful International Advisor & their experience in closing the big deals.

What you will get after course

- During the 5 Days program Paper work to make you legal advisor of Dubai Based Insurance broking firm will be done and after the course within a week Legal Certificate will be issued.

- You will be given a Foreign Relationship Manager to solve your queries of foreign products.

Starting from: 2nd october to 6th october ( Monday to Friday )

This 5-Day International Advisor Course is

Worth 100X More than What You’re Going to Pay

After this course we will give you big discount coupons for BITV Study Circle Annual Package.

Meet your Coach

Ranjit Singh

Ranjit Singh is a Certified Financial Planner who began his financial planning practice in 2007. Over the years, he developed a keen interest in business media and had a strong desire to share his knowledge and insights on financial planning. In 2018, he launched his own YouTube channel named “bitv” with the goal of becoming a prominent figure on a business media platform.

Since the inception of his YouTube channel, Ranjit Singh has been actively helping financial and insurance advisors. He achieves this by conducting interviews with successful financial advisors and arranging training and learning programs for those in the financial advisory field.

Ranjit Singh’s efforts have not been limited to the local sphere; he has managed to conduct two successful international-level programs, further establishing himself as a recognized expert in the financial industry.

Throughout his journey, Ranjit Singh has had the privilege of interviewing numerous accomplished individuals from the financial and insurance sectors. Some notable names among those he has interviewed include Santosh Nair, a successful trainer, Nilesh Sathe, former CEO of LIC Mutual Fund and an IRDA member, Vinay Sah, former CEO of LIC Housing Finance and Maharashtra Ombudsman, and Late Ajay Arora, the founder of DATACOMP.

Through his YouTube channel and interactions with industry experts, Ranjit Singh continues to play a significant role in guiding and empowering financial and insurance advisors to achieve success in their careers. His contributions have undoubtedly left a positive impact on the financial advisory community.

Thanks for your patience!

* It's a Lifetime Opportunity for you to Connect with Foreign Insurance Broking firm

* Understand and Learn Foreign Insurance & Start working as International Advisor.

* Workshop fees just Rs 999/-

(Which is less than what you would pay for 2 Pizzas)

Starting from: 2nd october to 6th october ( Monday to Friday )

Meet International Advisor

What our client's are saying

"I recently completed the '5 Days Course to Become an International Advisor,' and I am incredibly impressed with the comprehensive knowledge and practical skills I gained during this program. The course not only provided valuable insights into international markets but also equipped me with the necessary tools to excel as an advisor in a global context. Thank you for this enriching experience!"
Varified User
"I enrolled in the '5 Days Course to Become an International Advisor' with high expectations, and I must say, it exceeded every one of them. The course content was engaging and relevant, and the real-life case studies helped me grasp the practical application of the concepts. I feel ready to take on international advisory projects with confidence, all thanks to this fantastic program."
Olive Borer
"Being a part of the '5 Days Course to Become an International Advisor' was an eye-opening journey. The course content was well-structured, and the instructors were highly knowledgeable and approachable. I now feel confident and ready to explore international opportunities and expand my advisory services across borders. Highly recommended!"
Varified User
"I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the '5 Days Course to Become an International Advisor.' The course provided me with the necessary skills to navigate complex global markets and understand diverse client needs. The hands-on exercises and interactive sessions made the learning experience enjoyable and effective. I highly recommend this course to any aspiring international advisor."
Varified User
"The '5 Days Course to Become an International Advisor' was a game-changer for my career. It provided me with valuable insights into various international markets, cultural nuances, and the essential skills needed to succeed as an advisor in a global setting. I can't thank the instructors enough for their guidance and expertise. I am excited about the new possibilities this course has opened up for me."
Varified User
"The '5 Days Course to Become an International Advisor' was an invaluable investment in my professional growth. The course covered everything from cross-cultural communication to international legal and financial frameworks. The instructors were not only experts in their fields but also passionate about teaching. I feel empowered and ready to serve my clients globally. Thank you for this life-changing experience!"
Varified User

Starting from: 2nd october to 6th october ( Monday to Friday )

This Course In Association with

One of the Biggest Insurance Broking Firm of Dubai


When is the Workshop being conducted?

- Starting from: 2nd October to 6th October ( Monday to Friday )

What are the timings?

- 7 PM TO 8 PM

Starting from: 2nd october to 6th october ( Monday to Friday )

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