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The Speech Master Club is a public speaking platform managed and run by financial advisors. 

Financial advisors run this activity once a week for 2 hours from their office, home, or someone else’s office or home. Participants can join this activity free of cost for improving their public speaking ability. 

Joined people bring new people, and the prospect of financial advisors keeps on increasing.

SUMMARY – This activity helps financial advisors in improving their public speaking, continuously getting prospects, and advertising the financial advisor.

Physical Study Circle

The Physical Study Circle is a monthly activity done by the financial advisor. In this activity, he can create a study circle of financial advisors. 

Once a month, he can arrange a study circle where he can call 1 successful business owner & 1 successful financial/insurance advisor to share their experience. To enroll financial advisors in his study circle, he charges financial advisors Rs. 5000 for a year. Against every Rs. 5000 accumulation, BITV gives him 1 edited video of his invited guest talk.


SUMMARY – This is a very good tool to get connected with HNI, super HNI people and also an advertisement tool where in every video edited by BITV gives a good advertisement of the financial advisor in that video.

National Mega Mind Show

The National Megamind Show happens three times a year, in January, April, and October for one day in a five-star hotel. 

This is a learning and motivational program where financial advisors get an opportunity to meet successful financial/insurance advisors from different parts of the globe.

Hobby Competition

The Hobby Competition is a very good prospecting and advertisement tool. This is a personalized competition run by BITV for financial/insurance advisors. 


In this activity, financial advisors can enroll 50 prospects. To enroll people in this competition, financial advisors can do a tie-up with companies and institutes. Participants who participate in the competition have to give their hobbies video to BITV.


 BITV professionally edits that video and does advertisement of the financial advisor and the tied-up company in that video. This video gets published on BITV channel. Out of 50 videos, the top 3 videos that get the highest views become the winner. BITV sends the trophy of those 3 videos to the financial advisor, and he can do the prize-winning ceremony in his city.

Fees ( Gold Membership ) :-


5 am club franchise – Rs. 10k annually
speech master club franchise – Rs. 10k annually
BITV physical study circle – 5k annually
NMMS –Rs. 35k
Hobby competition – 2 Lac per annum
Total per annum investment = Rs. 2.60Lac

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